Speciality Coconut Range Wholesale Supplier

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Speciality Coconut Range Wholesale Supplier

As the foremost provider in Ireland, we distinguish ourselves in the procurement and delivery of our Speciality Coconut Range, a collection that forms a vital part of our broader array of wholesale food ingredients. We are committed to culinary enterprises and food manufacturers throughout the nation, bringing to them only the best global ingredients. Our Speciality Coconut Range is not merely a collection of products; it’s a reflection of our passion to elevate your culinary ventures with superior quality components.

We are able to ship entire container loads directly to our valued customers, whilst maintaining a generous inventory in Ireland to swiftly respond to any urgent requirements of our clientele.

Our standard delivery timeframe for customers ordering pallets is usually between 3 to 5 working days.

All of our products are available for purchase through our e-commerce platform or on a credit basis if you’re a B2B customer. Sign up for a B2B account using the link provided below.

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Submit your enquiry below and our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss product availability and discounts available for our wholesale accounts.

Once we have understood your needs we will set you up with a Wholesale account where you can purchase directly through our website at your agreed prices as and when you need to. Making your purchasing process much more efficient.

Once you have completed the enquiry form our team will be in touch to onboard you to our B2B platform and discuss your payment terms and discount rates.

For more information on setting up a Wholesale account with Gourmy Foods – read our Wholesale Page here.

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About Gourmy Foods

At Gourmy Foods, we put a significant emphasis on cultivating robust relationships, considering it the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We treasure the deep-seated partnerships we form with our esteemed clients and reliable suppliers. Our commitment to nurturing these bonds fuels our ambition to drive optimal results across the entire supply chain.

As a company, we are fully aware of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and offer products which are sourced from factories which comply with food safety practices.

We source from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and also offer some added value products from the UK.

Additional Wholesale Products

Our Speciality Coconut Range extends our capabilities into the retail snack industry and wet product manufacturers. Beyond our collection of Sweet Twine, Flavoured Chips, Coconut Smiles, and Coconut Slices, we also offer an array of rich nut pastes, such as cashew and hazelnut, and fruit pastes, including dates and more. Our dedication to providing a diverse range of top-quality products ensures we’re poised to meet an extensive spectrum of culinary needs, helping your business craft unforgettable flavours and experiences

Our assurance to quality and variety means that we are always ready to service a diverse array of culinary needs, helping your business create exceptional flavours and experiences.

Speciality Coconut Range FAQs

From where are the wholesale Speciality Coconut Range sourced?

We procure our speciality coconut range products from reputable sources in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, while also featuring a range of value-added products crafted right here in the UK.

How do I place a wholesale order for the speciality coconut range?

You can enjoy the convenience of direct purchasing through our website. For businesses seeking a more tailored experience, we invite you to establish a B2B account. Once registered, our dedicated B2B team will reach out to introduce you to your exclusive discounted rates and streamline your purchasing journey

Who are Gourmy Foods?

Formerly known as Edible Solutions, our UK/Ireland-centric operations have been at the forefront of importing, stocking, and distributing food ingredients to a myriad of industries. With a rich tapestry of success spanning over a decade, we stand proud, reflecting on our enduring legacy in the sector..

What is your delivery time frame for wholesale orders?

Typical delivery time scales for pallet customers is 3 – 5 working days.

What is your policy on returns and exchanges for the speciality coconut range?

Items are eligible for return if they remain in their original, unopened packaging within 15 days of receipt, accompanied by a valid proof of purchase. Should the goods be opened, returns are still accepted if the best before date has lapsed or the quality does not meet our standards. A full refund will be processed once the above criteria are satisfied and the items have been received back at our warehouse.

Are there any additives or preservatives in your products?

There are no additives in any of our spice, nut or fruit products.

What packaging options do you provide for your speciality coconut range?

At Gourmy our products are meticulously encased in either glass or plastic jars/grinders, which are then securely housed in a master carton. For optimal preservation, these goods are stored in third-party warehouses, and maintained under ambient conditions.

How can I contact your customer support team for further assistance?

You can contact us via the contact form below, email at [email protected] or contact us on +44 (0) 148 366 2013.

What safety accreditation do Gourmy Foods have?

Edible Solutions Ltd have a BRC (i.e. British Retail Consortium – Agents & Brokers) certification and Gourmy Foods Ltd are mentioned in that audit report as “Edible Solutions Limited T/A Gourmy Foods Limited” in Ireland and European Union.

Do you offer samples of the speciality coconut range?

We provide samples on a selective basis. To inquire, please reach out to us via email or phone, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your request.