Wholesale Fruit And Nuts Range

Enhance the flavor profile of your dishes with our premium selection of fruit and nuts products

Wholesale Fruit and Nuts Range

We offer the widest variety of fruit and nut products, suitable for every dish you can make:

Dried Apricots Wholesale Supplier

We’re delighted to present our outstanding Dried Apricots, an essential item in our extensive selection of wholesale food ingredients. As a respected supplier based in Ireland, our goal is to meet the demands of food manufacturers, restaurants, and catering services throughout the country. We are committed to providing only the most flavourful and top-quality ingredients, carefully sourced from renowned growers around the world.

Dried Figs Wholesale

We are excited to feature our premium Dried Figs, a highlight in our vast range of wholesale food ingredients. As a dedicated supplier in Ireland, we focus on catering to the needs of food manufacturers, restaurants, and catering companies across the nation. Our commitment involves offering the most delicious and superior quality ingredients, sourced from top-tier producers globally.

Wholesale Hulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled Sesame Seeds are a type of sesame seeds where the outer, edible hull has been removed. This removal process yields seeds that are creamier and lighter in color, offering a more delicate flavour and a softer texture. The absence of the hull also enhances the body’s ability to absorb the seeds’ nutrients. These fine seeds are a key part of our extensive range of wholesale food ingredients and represent a fundamental aspect of our product offerings.

Wholesale Pitted Dates

We are pleased to highlight our exceptional Pitted Dates, a prominent item in our wide selection of wholesale food ingredients. As a reliable supplier based in Ireland, we are committed to fulfilling the needs of food manufacturers, dining establishments, and catering services nationwide. Our focus is on providing the most succulent and high-quality ingredients, carefully sourced from esteemed producers across the globe.

Natural and Black Sesame Seeds

As a renowned supplier in Ireland, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of Wholesale Sesame Seeds, including Hulled, Natural, and Black varieties. Our Natural Sesame Seeds, often referred to as raw or unhulled, are whole seeds retaining their outer hull. This variety maintains its natural state, offering a distinct texture and flavour. On the other hand, our Black Sesame Seeds are a unique variety distinguished by their black hull and seed colour, giving them a striking appearance and adding visual interest to a variety of dishes.

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